## Update V27 ##
> Added session type to session finder/recent players/overseer (public, private, solo, etc)
> Added save player outfit
> Added more customisability for UI (custom headers, colors, etc)
> Added speed for animations
> Added missing hud color labels
> Added ability to use images (png/jpg/jpeg/bmp) for ui & texture swaps
> Added save/load to model/texture swaps
> Added more weathers
> Added smart font scaling (smaller fonts scale properly)
> Added multipliers to handling save (rpm/torque)
> Added ability for vehicle mods to work when another player is driver
> Added walk on air
> Added force creation visibility (forces all entities being created to be visible)
> Added disable bullets and projectiles from all entities
> Added ozark chat (private chat with ozark users in session)
> Added presets to global chat
> Added chat mocking
> Added player search (paginated player search)
> Added protections for the following crashes:
- Invalid task
- Entity spam
- Invalid outfit
- Pasted last-gen trailer
- Model swap
- "Bro Hug"
> Added max performance only option for car customization/spawning
> Added bone & joint to ESP
> Added sky dive
> Added player stats & player image to session finder/recent players/friends/overseer
> Added live player view to player info box
> Added load outfit to account outfits
> Added character name edit to account
> Added sorting to player list
> Added peer token correction to host toolkit (if you join a session that has an ozark host and you peer token matches someone in the session, it'll correct itself to allow you to join)
> Added peer token corruption to host toolkit (players joining with a spoofed peer will get kicked when they get host, even after you've left)
> Added rockstar developer flag to host toolkit blocking (block players from joining who have the rockstar developer flag set, be careful!)
> Added sync real players ip to host toolkit (sync a joining players real ip with the session when they join, making their ip spoof useless to other modders using less fortunate cheats)
> Added randomize clients to host toolkit (joining players will get random info for each client in the session)
> Added send translated preset to chat/message sender
> Added advanced weather fx
> Added remove from permanent (for recent players)
> Added attachments to network players
> Added more events to reactions
> Added excludes to session
> Added open key editor (keyboard only)
> Added scalable/movable stacked display (top right)
> Added enable everything to protections
> Added block all to player spawn blocking
> Added mouse control to freecam
> Added vehicle neon rainbow
> Added player name to game invite presence protection
> Added bennys (original & bespoke), open (formula 1), track, and street wheels to lsc
> Added disable passive mode/easy way out limit
> Added request merryweather (ballistic/airstrike/backup/pickup)
> Added standard/low grip tires to tire enhancements
> Improved injection/download time (5x smaller client)
> Improved auth server layout (faster authentications)
> Improved block resolves (no longer requires session change, updates within ~2 seconds)
> Improved host toolkit join blocking (can now add users manually)
> Improved spoofed message detection
> Improved joiner (invite only + friend only + crew only bypass)
> Improved peer spoofing (now able to spoof mid session WITHOUT GOING BACK TO SINGLEPLAYER)
> Improved entity gun (now shots objects/peds and can input custom models not already pre defined)
> Improved world waypoints and bullet tracers (fully customizable)
> Improved weather and time submenus (more presets/customization)
> Improved vehicle fly
> Improved dead eye gun
> Improved teleport submenu
> Improved ESP
> Improved notifications
> Improved session finder (modify minimum slots)
> Improved join timeout bypass
> Improved player info box layout
> Improved streamer mode (previously called Videos, now works for all info panel types)
> Improved vehicle seatbelt (now works for cars, not just bikes)
> Improved lsc wheels (now has custom tire wheels)
> Improved hotkeys (can now change the input event, i.e release/press/hold)
> Fixed false positives with crash alignments
> Fixed heist/mission bugs
> Fixed random desyncs
> Fixed instant reload anim on rpg/homing
> Fixed dead eye gun not disabling when toggled off mid effect
> Fixed weapon options spamming when in SP (airstrike gun etc)
> Fixed pickup pool not working on shv modules
> Fixed intense lag when hovered over arrow options
> Fixed ScriptHookV not reloading after unloading
> Fixed increment stat notify
> Fixed arrow options not saving when option is translated, then translation changed
> Fixed panels not adding correct padding when column is above 1
> Fixed outfit creation not working after 1.54 patch
> Fixed money/rp drop detection for cheats that don't block the report
> Fixed save online player spoofing profile not saving crew motto
> Fixed chat commands not working for session only
> Fixed hostile vehicles causing players to crash
> Fixed script host kick not working when already script host
> Fixed script event features (off the radar, etc)
> Fixed chat command script event features (off the radar, etc) & money drop not having a delay
> Fixed certain network menus going back to selected version when on session (abusive attackers, etc)
> Fixed rid0 protection not working after 1.54 patch
> Fixed spoofing not applying when going from main menu to MP
> Fixed send message (trolling)
> Fixed rate limit edit not saving
> Fixed DLC vehicles deleting in SP
> Fixed camera changing being blocked when menu open
> Fixed tire enhancements (bulletproof) not disabling
> Fixed network player esp only working for session (and not selected)
> Fixed network control when spectating
> Fixed spoofed ip resolver
> Removed sync weather & time (patched)
> Removed money drops (until time can be put into researching a bypass)
> Temporarily removed ozark chat (shown in teaser, more research required to ensure security, eta: 1-2 days)